Sensel compatible with Cubase 10 / Bluetooth on Mac?


I’ve connected my Sensel Morph to Bluetooth on my Macbook Pro 13 "2018. It’s recognized in Cubase, but I can not recreate Midi. The problem is that all midi-notes are only ever set to 1. Regardless of all quantization settings.
Everything works with the same configuration via USB cable.
Also in Garage Band everything works.
Is this problem known?

many Greetings

My system:
Macbook Pro 13 "2018
Mojave 10.14.3
Cubase 10.0.15
Sensel Morph is up to date


Hello Louis,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. I tried the Morph over Bluetooth with Cubase on macOS Mojave last night without issue. If it is working over Bluetooth in Garage Band, that makes me thing that it is an issue with Cubase. When you say the MIDI notes are set to 1, do you mean the note value, the velocity, or both? I will see if I can recreate the issue.