Extremely dodgy MIDI behavior over Bluetooth

Title says it all really, no such issues when plugged in directly. Lots of stuck notes and
random triggering lags are basically rendering this unit unusable over Bluetooth. This is happening with all the overlays. Am I missing something here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Running OSX Catalina, Ableton Live 10/11
2019 MacBook Pro I9 32 gigs RAM.

Hey Ralph, a couple things to try.

  1. Can you please confirm that your firmware is up to date?

  2. Because it is a metal case, the bluetooth can have a pretty directional behavior, so it tends to need to be “pointed” at the receiving device.

Hope this helps.

Firrmware up to date, device is literally a few inches from the laptop. Is this just the the limitation of the Morph? I have a small Seaboard here that works fine over Bluetooth.

Hi my experience is very good. imac 2017, catalina, logic pro x, sensel latest firmware
i set a pad sensitivity of 3 for each pad to avoid double triggering (drum overlay and production overlay) i can do fast accurate drumming on the production overlay pads with no perceptible lag over bluetooth (i use the korg bluetooth midi connect LE tool on the mac and pair with that and connect the sensel each time) works great for me

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