Skipping notes on bluetooth

I am having a consistent problem wherein: while using the production overlay in iOS; if I am simultaneously striking two or more pads at a time that every tenth stroke (1 stroke includes two pads) is omitted; then a stroke goes through; then the pattern repeats.

This is only a problem while using Bluetooth. When connected via USB the behaviour doesn’t persist.

What software are you using? MPE midi rotates through midi channels, it might be possible that the Morph rotates through channels 2-16 while your software is only configured only for 2-15, resulting in sometimes skipping a note.

Hello, thanks for contacting us. We have recreated this issue with some iOS devices and have a fix being tested at the moment. I will follow up on this thread when the firmware update is available.

Ybr I see it in all of my iOS beatmaking apps including nanostudio2, BeatMaker, iMPC, etc.

Thanks Alex