Is it the right technique to get forces at positions?

I want to get the force for each contact.

This is how I plan to do it. Does it seem the right way to go?


  1. Get the number of contacts.
  2. Get IDs and positions for those contacts.
  3. Convert positions to indexes in force_array.
  4. Get forces at matching indexes.

Thank you in advance.


Each contact comes with a value called total_force, which is the force of the contact in grams.

You can learn more about what information you can get from a contact from this API primer:

You can see all the possible elements in the contact struct here: ( But if you need some of the more complex data (deltas, bounding box) look into senselSetContactsMask ( which is detailed in the primer.

Hope this helps.

Hello Alex,

I misunderstood the way the force tracking functions because of the SenselForces example and its use of force_array.