Setting Contact Min Force for Arduino


I don’t understand how to set the Contacts Min Force using the Arduino. Currently I have
senselWriteReg(SENSEL_REG_CONTACTS_MIN_FORCE, 2, ???) and I’ve tried different values for the last parameter which is a byte data type, but I’ve had no luck in setting the min force that I want. I know for the regular API you have to multiple the force by 8 when using the setContactsMinForce function so I didn’t know if there was a multiplier needed for the Arduino as well?

Hello, thank you for contacting us. Yes, the min_force value should be multipled by the the force scale (8) to get the accurate min force value. This should work if you set it for higher forces to filter out low force contacts. For lower forces, we have additional variables and processing that filter out accidental contacts. As a result, setting the value lower may not change the results.