Morph on Raspberry Pi?

What is the current situation of using the Morph with a USB connection on the Raspberry Pi? The Linux support in senselliblinux.deb is presumably x86 (32 or 64 bit). What’s the potential for use of a Morph on a Raspberry Pi, i.e. an ARM-based Linux platform?



While I have no idea on the compatibility, what sort of functionality would you be looking for?

  • Basic MIDI capabilities?
  • Programing new Overlays?
  • Raw pressure detection?

I’m looking for a C API library identical to the one that is available for Windows, OSX, and Linux, here: . I see that there’s a senselliblinux0.8.2-arm.deb file there - I’ll try it when I get the Raspberry Pi 4 that I ordered. I’d like to see if anyone is currently using it on an ARM-based Linux (i.e. Raspberry Pi).


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It is too bad their driver isn’t entirely open source, otherwise contributors outside the company could adapt the driver to any platform.

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