Will the Morph send OSC messages?


When I jumped into the Morph crowdfunding campaign, the idea of making the device able to send Open Sound Control (OSC) messages besides MIDI was expressed. Remember that OSC can send 32bit float messages without complex encoding and decoding whereas MIDI is most of the time limited to 7 bits data or has to use complex encoding/decoding to go beyond this limit. Now that we can design overlays, it would make even more sense to have OSC.Giving an IP address and sending UDP packets over a USB connection is not difficul with some “tunneling”. Imagine to be able to define an OSC tag for each pad… So, has this idea been dropped or is it on a serious to-do list?

If you want to roll your own, you might find this useful:




Thanks, unfortunately it’s not so useful to me since it is Windows only. I need this on Linux.

I did an implementation to forward sensel morph features via OSC that is not (yet) linux but close… maybe you want to have a look, @Max :slight_smile:

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