Morph send control voltage

Hi Sensel team,

Avoiding midi should be the futur of expressive instruments, midi resolution is not so great compared to audio rate.
With the morph high speed resolution, if morph could be able to send control voltage, via the usb port, via a software solution…it could be a big argument for selling morph to the eurorack world and,or to modular software, like Vcv, voltage modular…
See mpe+, and the Haken cv module.

Convert morph data to CV!
I’m pretty sure, it’s already possible, not with the max object, perhaps with supercollider, but, not everyone is able to use the sensel api.
I would paid for an app like that, and it should increase the number of potential music Morph customers.

Ps :
Thanks to Nothan, you open my eyes:)

If you’re using VCVRack, there is a module that can receive OSC: And there’s a utility that you can use to send OSC with the Morph:


Hi Tim,
Thanks a lot for your morph to OSC app , the force return to 0 is really nice !
I have no chance with Vcv rack, I can’t get the osc to CV works, but I have try it in reaktor and it works, but it need a lot of smoothing to be able to have a clean modulation, but it seams to be faster than midi.
For controlling your video effects, it’s a really good solution, but not exactly what I was trying to archive.
I hope Sensel will develop an app with cv/gate per channels via osc or another protocol.