Morph & VCV Rack


Are any of you using the music production overlay with VCV Rack? Could you give me a quick outline of how I could assign one of the knobs/circle-shaped controls to a control in VCV Rack e.g. use it control a LFO frequency or something like that. I can get the drumpads and key piano keys to control into the 1v/oct to control the VCO frequency but how could i send the slider or knobs to the pitch wheel or mod wheel? I can connect these without any configuration when I use my old midi keyboard instead of the morph. I’ve messed around with the MIDI CC to CV module but without success



I figured it out

The MIDI CC to CV module does work as expected, it just seems to take a bit of tapping and touching to get it going.


I have trouble using aftertouch with the VCV Rack Core MIDI modules. Or rather - it does not work at all.

This is Rack 0.62c in OS-X 10.14

Using a MIDI monitor I can see aftertouch beeing generated by Morph and I can use it in for instance Garageband and Logic but not in Rack sadly. Nor can I get the Morph to send CCs properly to Rack but the MIDI monitor application sees the CCs just fine.

The MPC overlay oddly seems to send aftertouch CC on channel 3 despite that I’ve changesd all pads to channel 1. I need to confirm this again with the logs so I could be wrong.

Is there a way to select all pads and switch to what ever channel I need? It take forever to go thru each button and change channel. Even the keyboard overlay doesn’t seem to have a master midi setting. All settings seems to be per surface. You guys need a musician in the developer teams :wink:

I’m open to any input on this.


It seems that the core MIDI in module in the current version on Rack (0.62c) does not recognize aftertouch. However moDllz both MIDI modules solves this. I recommend those.

My platform is OS-X on various Macs, always the latest Rack, so I don’t know how aftertouch is handled on on other platforms.