Sensel -> Raspberry Pi -> MIDI over USB = possible?

Hi all,

I’m hoping to use my Morph and Buchla Thunder overlay to control a Eurorack rig, and hoping to keep a computer as much out of the equation as possible. I understand that the Morph needs a USB host to send signals to, and have had some success with getting signals from the Morph into my DAW and then from there to a MIDI-over-USB to CV adapter in my rack.

I’m now hoping to get rid of the DAW part of this process, and am eyeing a pile of Raspberry PI’s that I have sitting around not doing much currently. My hope is that I could get one of those developer cables, mount a Raspberry Pi in my rack, and then take a USB out from the Pi into my my MIDI-over-USB to CV module to create control voltages from there. Does this seem possible and feasible, or is there a horrible flaw that I’m not realizing with this plan?

You wouldn’t need a Developer Cable - just use the existing USB cable you have.
But if you can already use the Pi & MIDI output combo, then tying in the Morph shouldn’t be an issue. You will potentially need to code a custom application though to handle MIDI proxying/routing.

Something like these might help:

However since I’ve never dealt with MIDI in that way, I cannot be certain if they’d be useful or not.

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