[Solved]: Endorphin.es Shuttle Control

I’m trying to use the Sensel Morph and the Buchla Thunder overlay with an Endorphin.es Shuttle Control MIDI to CV Eurorack module but I haven’t had any success. Has anyone tried this combination?

The Morph is using the latest firmware 0.19.180 and the Shuttle Control is using the latest stable firmware 3.8R9. I’m using the Slow Charge option in case current draw was a problem but still no success. The Morph works correctly in my computer and the Shuttle Control works correctly with my Digitakt and Digitone.

I’ve tried the MPE configuration (as in the pic) and the old-school MIDI one in the Shuttle Control without success.

I’ve also tried sending old-school MIDI from the Morph without success either. I was excited about the possibilities of the device but I would have to send it back if it doesn’t work with my current modules.

Does it work through other devices? There’s 2 issues I’ve encountered with other hardware; one is that the morph can send a lot of information, and the other is that it is a tricky multiple usb device.
I’ve been able to connect it to older hardware running through an axoloti and filtering out many of the messages.
I couldn’t get it working directly with my Expert Sleepers FH-1, but it works fine through another midi host to the FH-1 (morph-zoom u-24 ->din to usb box), or through an iConnect device.
Good luck – I think it’s a nice expressive controller for modular.

It works using another device as a “proxy”. I think it’s because it presents itself as a multi-mode USB device instead of exclusively as a USB MIDI one.

Sadly, being forced to use an extra device makes it unpractical for me since I’m in the process of streamlining my workflow by using less things. I’ve wrote to support in both ends with the hope that they can help me. I’m still during my 30 days return window so I’ll decide soon whether to keep the Morph or not.

I recently had the good fortune to talk to Moritz at endorphin.es and test the Morph with the Shuttle. We had the same experience - it powered up, but didn’t work. So the issue is on their radar, and they are planning a fix. Maybe with a bit of pressure from their customers it can happen sooner rather than later :slight_smile:
We’ve tested with the Snyderphonics Manta Mate and Expert Sleepers FH2 and, after fixes on their end, the Morph works with those USB -> CV modules now.

I’ve sent support requests to both Endorphin.es and Sensel. I hope this can get sorted out :crossed_fingers:

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Just got my Morph in the mail to use with my Shuttle Control. Of course I didn’t see this thread until it arrived. Anyway, I guess I will be following this thread closely over the next 30 days.

Endorphin.es reached out to me today, the latest beta firmware 3.9R2 adds compatibility for the Morph. So far I haven’t encountered any issues. Thanks to both Endorphin.es and Sensel!

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INCREDIBLE! Thanks a ton for keeping us posted here, Jano.

Awesome. Glad this all worked out.

New Endorphines Shuttle firmware released! http://firmware.endorphin.es/
"v.3.9 (28.06.2019) R2 beta:

  • Fixed USB initialization endpoints that enabled to make the Shuttle Control working with Sensel Morph:

thanks Endorphin.es for the update.

Even better integration for the Morph in Endorphin.es’ latest firmware update!

Videos from Endorphine.es, plus a great user example, in this playlist here.

Hi, just wondering if anyone has tried the morph with the Shuttle Mate? It doesn’t seem to register any incoming midi info from the Morph.

Sorry for the long delay here @dandare. We haven’t tested the Morph with the Shuttle Mate. We’d recommend reaching out to the Endorphin.es team to see if any updates would be required.

Yes, they’ve recently updated the firmware to be comparable.

Thats great. Thank you for letting us know!