MIDI Control for VSTi

Hi. how to use Morph as a MIDI controller faders to control cc´s on vsti and sample libraries? (spitfire,…). Any Overlay was created?

Technically, you could use any overlay for this purpose. You can use the SenselApp to define any area/pad/key to send out MIDI CCs. For example, you could turn the Piano overlay into a Slider overlay by redefining each key as a vertical CC slider that sends out a CC. Or you can use the Innovator’s overlay and create your own slider/knob interface. It’s up to you!

A Lot of people look for something that do that and could put on keyboard to play and control. Sensel don´t want to do an specific Overlay?

The buchla is ace for this. There are presets so this gives the overlay quite some power :slight_smile:

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Ok. It will work.

But I would like to see an Overlay specific for that.

Something as NI Maschine Jam with less buttons for sure, but with faders.

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