[Solved]: Audio volume slider with logic

This seems pretty basic, but I’m stumped: I’m trying to make one of the sliders on the Buchla thunder overlay control the volume of a particular audio track. On my usb midi controller, I press command L to go to learn mode in logic and then move the slider in logic and it’s mapped. I guess my specific question is, what should I have the particular slider in the overlay set to in the senselapp? It’s not a midi CC, so keyboard slider? Logic is not seeing it when I try this.

Thanks in advance

If you are working with the default preset 1 on the Thunder, it’s sending MPE data. This means that the controls on the Thunder aren’t mapped to specific controller & channel combinations. The controls get their channel assignment when activated, so you can’t rely on a specific control sending a specific MIDI message all the time. Great for MPE synths, not good for mixer-style controls!!

To do what you describe, I’d recommend using Preset 5 on the Thunder, which is setup to send specific MIDI CCs per control. Here’s how you change presets when using the Thunder overlay. This way, you can quickly map a slider to track volume using the MIDI Map feature in Logic.

Perfect, got it working. Thank you!

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