Thunder Presets

Sorry for such a lame question: where is the documentation for presets for the Thunder overlay. I have looked everywhere in the online documentation, again and again. Am I missing something obvious? I found this video ( but I cannot even find how to make presets appear in the sidebar. Thanks!

Hey @BobOstertag!

In the default mapping for the BTO, presets 1 through 4 are major scales C, G, D, and A respectively, in MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression). Presets 6 through 9 are major scales C, G, D, and A, respectively, in MIDI. Presets 1-4 and 6-9 are identical in note output.

Preset 5 is a special case, used solely for controlling, with no note output. Each key in Preset 5 outputs a separate control value. One ideal use is to map the long “feather” keys of the BTO to the volume faders in a DAW mixer.

Hope this helps! This info can be found in our guide as well:

Hi Matt, Yes, I understand that. But how do I edit the different presets? That youtube video shows a list of presets and the sidebar, that can be selected for editing. How do I get there? Thanks

Hey Bob, sorry for the delay. You can do so by simply selecting the Buchla Thunder in the SenselApp.

Hello Bob,

And welcome here! Glad to read that you’re getting some Morph action.
I really enjoyed your “Bob Ostertag plays the Aalto” a couple of years ago, can’t wait to see what you come up with this controller!
We should actually share more Aalto + Morph presets!

Another “Welcome Bob!” Thanks for the heads up about the gap in presets docs. I’ve added some info to the documentation here and