[Solved]: Starting with Buchla Thunder Overlay


Day one with my Morph and the Buchla Thunder overlay.

SenselApp is up, BT is seen.

Some questions:

When I do an Export Map, does that include all 9 “Sets” in the Map into the created file?

When I do Send Map to Morph, does that send all 9 “Sets” in the Map to the Morph?

Is there any way to save/load to individual sets separately?

If I’ve messed up my map with naive editing, how can I restore the defaults as shipped?

Is there a .pdf doc that explains the SenslApp/Morph system in detail?


Yes, the map file has all the presets, and when you send to Morph, it sends all of them to the Morph. You can’t save/load individual presets, but you can cut and paste among them. See this video: https://youtu.be/tjBBfh2fVk0

If you want to restore the defaults, just click “Add Overlay” and select the “Thunder MPE-MIDI-CC” overlay (see pic). Of course, you’ll need to send to Morph!

Complete documentation is at http://guide.sensel.com/app/

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Very good. Thank you!