Can SenselApp import a Morph's current settings?

Hi. I’ve inherited :cry: a Morph from a good friend. I would like to preserve his settings before I create my own.

I expected SenselApp to have a “get settings from Morph” capability but I can’t find it in the software or the guide. Am I missing it?

Thank you,

Hi CK, thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Unfortunately SenselMaps can’t be “downloaded” from a Morph. The only way would be to get access to your friend’s computer with the SenselApp and copy the .senselmap files from there. I hope that is possible.

That seems like a really strange omission to me.

I don’t know who has his computer now, and even if I did, I wouldn’t bother them with this. It’s probably the same people who are dealing with his burial and medical bills. No way I’m going to bug them about it.

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