Buchla Thunder overlay not working

I just receive my BT overlay.
When I put it on Morph, there’s no response. No lights flash and no messages that I can detect are sent.
When I put my keyboard overlay back on, it works fine.

Is there something I’m supposed to do that I don’t know about?
Or is it possible that I received a defective item?

thank you!

Hi, did you “add overlay” in the Sensel App?

I had, yes.
But for good measure I brought it up again.
As before, but this time I thought to try the 'Load Set into Morph" button
That brought the system to life! Now working fine

Many thanks. I’ll pass this over to Sensel support.
They had not mentioned anything about it & were about to exchange the overlay.


Glad to be of help! That’s what I mean, yes, the send to Morph action. Enjoy!

Thanks again, buddy. Sort of dismaying that Sensel support never even mentioned using the app. I specifically asked them if there was something I needed to do…
Good help is hard to find…

I think they are a little understaffed at the moment! They’re good guys, I’m sure things will be running more smoothly and swiftly soon.