Morph not working, please help


I am having trouble with my morph. When I plug it in and turn it on there are no lights and the lights don’t work when I touch my overlays. I have bought the Buchla overlay and there is no light feedback when playing. It shows in the app and registers my touch. I have updated it to latest firmware.

I also can’t get it to play any apps and no MPE apps on my iPad. It shows in my bluetooth and connects but wont play anything and no lights are on

any help would be appreciated, thanks

got it fixed by resending maps to the morph and deleting the ones I had

thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t connect it either, sounds like your before it was fixed. Could you explain exactly what you took off, I assume from your pc? the driver, the maps…everything that ssys sensel on it. And then you reloaded it? have had this for about 3 weeks and it never worked at all.


I deleted maps on the app and then loaded a fresh buchla one and sent it. I also did something else in the app that changed from pc to Mac. I’d need to look again but think it was under the first tab in top left on the app

thanks…i might try it but the guy who knows how things work at Sensel is supposed to get me straightened out this week…he was on vacation. I have had it since 12/6 and i might as well have a doorstop.

sorry for the hassle. Can you send me a mail at peter at sensel or PM me. Send me details of your OS, system, and what overlays and software you are trying to use. Make sure you download the latest SenselApp at You may need to update the firmware through that.