Piano overlay over Bluetooth issue

Hello. I’ve been digging further into the Morph and have set up a map that works quite well for Live 10. I have mapped the transport keys to basic key commands and the unit behaves as it should. I have also made sure to send the map to the Morph. Once I disconnect the Morph from USB and go to Bluetooth, none of those commands work anymore, only the basic keyboard notes play. I’m sure I’m missing something really simple yet I cannot find it in the manual. Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hey Ralph! Thanks for reaching out. We had to take the transport controls out of bluetooth because they were causing the entire Bluetooth device not to work on Windows 10 and the iPad. Unfortunately we have not yet found a fix for it.

Ok. As a workaround I’m using Bomes translator which works well. Some functionality like that built into the Sensel app might be an all in one solution?

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