Piano overlay does not stay connected to iPad over bluetooth and hides keyboard

I’m having trouble with getting the morph to stay connected to my iPad. I have a 32gb regular iPad, and I am able to connect the morph when I first boot it up. After I connect it though, if I turn the morph off, disable Bluetooth, or forget the device, it can connect but the piano overlay does not work until I reboot my iPad again.

Also, whenever I use the piano overlay, the on-screen keyboard on my iPad still becomes hidden even though I don’t have the keyboard overlay on (I never bought it since I don’t feel like it would be too comfortable with the morph.) There is no way to bring the keyboard back without disconnecting the Morph, which ties into the problem above. Music production has therefore been nearly impossible for me!

Lastly, I don’t know if there is a way to make the keys more sensitive on the keyboard, but I would really appreciate it if I were able to increase the sensitivity. So far, I can barely hear any notes I play on the morph when I use iPad apps.

Thank you!

Hello, thank you for reaching out.

For the bluetooth on iPad, make sure to download the latest Sensel App from sensel.com/start and update your Morph to the latest firmware. If you continue to have issues connecting your Morph to your iPad, please let us know.

For the iPad keyboard not appearing, we are working on a potential solution and it will be released in a future firmware update.

As for the sensitivity, we have updated the velocity algorithms in the latest firmware release. If you have not updated, then that may assist with sensitivity. Otherwise, we will investigate potential paths to modifying sensitivity. What iPad apps are you using? Thank you for your feedback and patience.