Keyboard/Trackpad Overlay and iOS/iPadOS not working

I’m a music producer and the 2020 12.9 iPad Pro (iPad OS 13.4.1) is an extensive tool used in my studio and integrated into my workstation and used in conjunction with hardware. I was looking to purchase the new Apple Magic Keyboard before I saw info on the morph. I thought the morph would solve all my needs for quickly switching overlays between MIDI controller and then basic trackpad and KB for my iPad. And while the morph is performing is well on the Midi side, the KB overlay is severely disappointing.

The biggest issue I have with the overlay is the non function esc, Home button media keys not working or able to binded. I have a small bluetooth KB that when Home (F1) is pressed the iPad takes me to the home screen. The media buttons control the ipad volumes and brightness including mute, and multitasking comes up when the corrosponding button is pressed (should be F2 on the morph). The keyboard behavior is erratic. Sometimes while typing pressing spacebar erases what is typed as the iPad thinks its auto corrected or replacing the text with a space. When typing with the KB overlay the iPad brings up the software KB on the screen taking up half the screen in horizontal and about a quarter of the screen in portrait. When in horizontal orientation you cannot even see what your typing due to the soft KB! Trackpad is working but a bit erratic. Sensitivity needs to scaled a bit differently and right clicking or multi-gestures doesn’t seem to work or sometimes sporadicly.

I’ve reached out to support about the KB overlay and iOS and Matt (always helpful) send me an article about keyboard commands (ie combos) to try to replicate the above functions but they do not work as well. Besides that, whats the point of having the row in the first place if you have to enter combinations to replicate the functions? I’ve searched and scoured this forum for maybe a mapping to download to get the morph KB overlay fully functioning with no luck. I have seen a thread that states that the morph when paired to an iOS device is not necessarily being recognized as a KB and mouse but as a HID(?) compliant device and that is the reason why the overlay is limited? There needs to be a way to have the morph switch to a keyboard mode when the overlay is placed on it so iOS recognizes as an KB and mouse and function properly. As of now the KB overlay is pretty much useless and not worth the money if you are planning to use with iOS.

it’s true, this overlay is not very good. A simple standard Bluetooth keyboard is much better. For typing response, for functionality, for ease of use.

The Morph shines and makes an invaluable tool with MIDI.

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