Some trouble with the qwerty overlay on iOS

Hi everyone,

this is my first entry in this forum as I am a new and proud morph owner.
Here are some problems I have envountered with the qwerty overlay on iOS. I was hoping some of you can point me in the right direction to fix a couple:

  • wrong mapping:
    Problem: When I want to use my qwerty overlay on my iPad it seems to be recorgnized as a german qwertz keyboard. z and y are swapped, there is an ß instead of a -, I cannot find the “ and the @ is written using alt + L instead of shift + 2…
    what I have tried:
    turning the morph off and on again while making sure that the english keyboard is selected when it connects again.

  • on-screen keyboard does not disappear
    Problem: usually, when a bluetooth keyboard is connected to the iPad, the onscreen keyboard automatically vanishes. This is not the case with the morph + qwerty.

  • function keys don’t work
    Problem: the function key row doesn’t do anything, neither while holding “Fn” nor without it.

Additional information:

  • I used the Sensel app on my mac to upload the “QWERTY Mac” overlay
  • Morph and iPad are connected via bluetooth
  • Morph is on Firmware Version 0.16.78

Thanks a lot for your help,

I have just realized that the mapping changes between apps. At the moment I can have safari and notes open side by side on my iPad. While notes takes a “y” for a “y”, safari registers a “z”. In both apps the onscreen kezboard is set to English (US).

How did you get the overlay to work with iOS? I am having trouble downloading the sensel app on iPad.


Hi Trent,

The way I see it, the sensel app has to be downloaded to a computer first.
In my case, I downloaded it to my Mac and uploaded the overlay to the morph from there.
Then I connected the morph to my iPad.