Morph Update Version 0.8: Gaming, AZERTY, and Dvorak Overlays


We are excited to announce the release of v0.8 of the Sensel App and Sensel Firmware. This firmware update includes:

  • Gaming Overlay support to App and FW
  • AZERTY Overlay support to FW
  • Dvorak Overlay support to FW
  • Keyboard modifier support to App


The Gaming Overlay converts the Morph into a game controller. Based on popular controllers, the Gaming Overlay has all the controls you need to play games.

The Gamepad Overlay sends standard Human Interface Device (HID) gamepad events to your computer or smartphone. While most devices support this standard, not every game does. To bridge this gap, emulators can be used to change HID gamepad events to events that the game can understand, such as XBox controller, Playstation Dualshock, or keyboard events.

AZERTY and Dvorak

The Morph will detect the Overlay attached to the device, but you will need to change the desired layout for each computer or smartphone. More information can be found on our guide:

Morph Release Notes for Firmware, App, and Software