Anyone try the gaming overlay on any games? If so, which ones?

Hello! Haven’t had too much time to tinker with the newly arrived morph, but I was wondering if anyone tried the gaming overlay with any specific game yet?

  1. Does the overlay work out of the box for any games?
  2. If you had to tinker with the set up of the overlay with a game, what setup and which game? How did it work?

Personally I tried setting it up (really quickly mind you…) with SE Skyrim as a 360 controller (as was detailed in the user guide) just to see what happens, didn’t expect much either, but the sensitivity was way too high or something and the character kept on attacking every 1 sec and kept on looking towards one side… >< haha


  1. The Sensel Morph works as a standard USB Gamepad out of the box. This allows the device to have wide support across operating systems, but is not supported in many mainstream games. Lucikly, most operating systems have emulators that convert the Gamepad input into the various inputs that games support.
  1. We did the same test with Skyrim and other games. We confirmed that the TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator instructions on the guide did work. We did not experience the random attacking or looking to the side, but we did have to be careful about the forces I applied near the joysticks. We will look into ways to make the Game Controller overlay more flexible for various sensitivities.

Thank you for your feedback!

I just got the Sensel and, though has a lot of promise and the HW works great, the software functions is surprisingly limited. Yes, the primary use is in music (MIDI) and maybe video production, but I saw it may be used as a programmable controller. I was hoping to use it with more complicated MMOs and the upcoming MS Flight Simulator 2020.

However, macros are limited to single key-combinations and I don’t see any way to map left/right mouse clicks. So it can be so perfect…if some basic functions were added naively to mapping. So w/o these mapping functions, I couldn’t recommend this right now unless your use case specifically is in music (MIDI) or video editing as a niche product.

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Recently experimented with the gaming overlay, and I must say, it brought a whole new vibe to Fortnite and Among Us. Any other game suggestions for trying out the overlay?
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Tried setting it up in a rush, and oh boy, my character went berserk! Constant attacks and a severe case of always-looking-to-the-side syndrome. Definitely not the epic Skyrim adventure I had in mind.

Just got my hands on the morph recently. So, about the gaming overlay, I gave it a shot with Stardew Valley. Tried the default setup, and it surprisingly worked smoothly! No tinkering needed. But then I got adventurous and tried it with Rocket League. Had to tweak the sensitivity a bit, but once I found the sweet spot, it was a game-changer!