The FlatBox - Overlay to turn the Morph into a HitBox

I recently got myself a Sensel Morph and while I absolutely love it to death for musical purposes, I realized that there was a lot of potential in it that I was not tapping into yet for other purposes. So I was thinking for a while about what else I could use it for that wasn’t music related, and since I like fighting games I came up with the idea of turning the Sensel Morph into a HitBox style controller (example of what a Hitbox is here: How to HITBOX?!?! JWONG TEACHES EVERYONE!!!! HITBOX POWER!!! - YouTube) called the FlatBox.

You do need x360ce as you would with the gaming overlay as most games will not recognize the Morph, however for the games that you can play with a keyboard I included an alternative version of the FlatBox with keyboard mappings, this way you can avoid x360ce all together (YOU CAN NOT SLIDE ONE FINGER FROM ONE BUTTON TO ANOTHER WITH THIS VERSION, ONLY WITH THE VERSION THAT USES x360ce)

Will upload once I have the ability to.

Have fun everyone!


FlatBox.senselmap (6.6 KB) FlatBox (Keyboard).senselmap (6.6 KB)


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