Multi-touch areas, keys or pads


Hi forum,

wouldn’t it be nice to change the behaviour (outgoing message) of the Morph if a key or a pad is hit with two or three fingers instead of one? Playing a different MIDI note on a drum pad when its hit with two fingers would probably be the simplest idea, but there could be many more options.

  • Changing Pressure, X or Y to a different CC in MPE mode when two respectively three fingers are being used
  • switching on After-Pressure or Pitch Bend when using two fingers in MIDI mode
  • jumping up an octave
  • selecting a different MIDI channel and thus another instrument

I imagine this could be done by multiplying the options given right now for two and three finger.

If you want to take it even a step further you could think about gestures. How about Pinch on a slider to zoom in?

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Hello, thank you for contacting us. We have been exploring gesture options with the widgets and agree it would be a great feature.


Widgets? What’s that?


Oh, sorry, widgets are the internal name for the control areas.


Ah, great, thank you! I really think more programming options could lift this to a whole new level. Because your hardware is freaking awesome!!!

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