Overlay Design: Video Editing


hi there. i just received my sensel-pad (with video overlay) and my first steps looks pretty nice to me.
but there is something what confusing me a little bit.
in the sensel-app the shown overlay looks different as the delivered one. in one of the youtube videos it looks similar. so, is there a way to toggle between the shortcut-view and the «real»-view?
and by the way. there is also a photoshop overlay shown in the app but can’t find it in the store.
many thanks and cheers


You mean whether it’s possible to show the pictograms instead of the shortcuts in the SenselApp? Not that I know of…

The Photoshop overlay is from Kickstarter times and currently not available. Not sure why, perhaps they wanted to overhaul it before offering it again? Perhaps one from Sensel can explain the plans?


thx NothanUmber.
yep, for me it would be a little bit easier to configure my davinci resolve shortcuts. but i can handle it…



Hello, thank you for reaching out. We currently do not have a way to show the real life view. Most of our Overlays do not have as many pictograms as the video editing Overlay and we want make it clear that any area on the Overlay can become any other type of event. However, I can see your use case and will add it to our list of potential features.

As for the Art Overlay, it is currently not available and will only appear in future SenselApp updates if you have or use an Art Overlay. We will definitely keep the community updated if we release the Art Overlay again and feel free to reach out to us at support@sensel.com if you want to learn more.