Sensel App Visualizer has no point in its current form. /suggestion

The visualizer could be so much more, right now it just looks cute for about 10 seconds then forgotten – It’s meaningless as far as I cant tell from a usability standpoint. Through building my own overlays I have a suggestion to make it useful:

Make the visualizer “superimpose” in the design space layout with a visualizer toggle or something. Why should be be fairly obvious, however:

  1. Having the ability to see precisely where things are in relation to the overlay.
  2. Having the ability to see where the rectangles should be placed when building overlays.
  3. Eliminate the need to size/cut and print prototypes while building overlays.

Those 3 reasons alone would make the sensel app far more approachable, practical, and effective by making good use of the visualizer.

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