Sensel Morph vs Roli Blocks

Hi, there! I want to use an iPad for music production and so I wonder which MPE instrument would be better to make soundtracks on it. Does anyone have or ever tryed the Roli Blocks? If so, how is to play the piano overlay in comparison to Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block? Where I live, no one sells neither of this two devices. Therefore, I can’t test them :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

Roli seaboard layout is better for traditional piano/synth playing due to sizing. The Sensel piano overlay is fine for basic stuff and just as good for mono sounds imo. I’m not intimately familiar with linn or blocks playing as I’m classic piano, seems those layouts are more popular with people trained in guitar or new to playing in general.

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I bought the original version of the Roli Lightpad Blocks, as well as a Roli 49. The Lightpad Block required a shockingly (to me) large amount of pressure to play them, especially in comparison to the Morph. I have the impression that Roli improved that in subsequent releases of the Lightpad Block, though I haven’t touched the newer version to see how different it is from the first release. The Roli 49 is very “squishy” - normal piano keyboard technique works easily enough, but I didn’t find it enjoyable at all.

I understand the temptation to be seduced by the interchangable overlays that make the Morph look like a standard keyboard (piano-like or qwerty), though the small size of the Morph (relative to real keyboards) and the lack of travel (compared to real keyboards) ultimately make it a poor substitute for them, IMO. On the other hand, if the size and lack of travel don’t turn you off, and if MPE is the specific thing you need/want above what the iPad provides, the Morph is a kickass and very affordable device to give you that capability with flexibility to do other things as well. And if you have and prefer a “light touch”, the extreme sensitivity of the Morph is unparalleled.


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I really really appreciate, Tim and pSuper!

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