Sensors strange behavior

I think there may be something wrong with my Morph… Is it supposed to work like that?
I mean, I know it’s like this for everyone, but in Krita for example it’s giving me this strange shaking strokes - straight line with sequentially wider blobs.
Here’s a video from SenselApp Visualizer:
The first half of the video I was using my finger, and the second part was using my 1.8cm (~0.7inch) brush, whose shape as you can see is not recognized…

It was behaving like this since I first used it (which was around first half of december). I had no time to dig into this problem, so that’s why I’m writing right now :slight_smile:

I tried reinstalling software, driver and firmware on my sensel. I’m using Windows 10 x64.

I don’t really think my hands are that shaky :wink:

Hello David,

Thank your patience. What you are seeing in the Visualizer is the raw force data from the Sensel Morph. When we change this to contacts, we account for variation you are seeing in the force image. I have not used the particular brush size but do you still experience the wider blobs in Krita with your finger as well? Here are a few items to try:

  1. Make sure you are on the latest sensel app (0.16.14) and latest firmware (0.16.78). It sounds like you have reinstalled your firmware though.
  2. If using the Kickstarter Art Overlay, I would recommend using No Overlay and setting the entire pad to PaintBrush area. It sounds like you are doing so, but I wanted to confirm.
  3. Try reducing the max size of the brush. If the brush size is set to a very large max width, then any slight variation in pressure could change the size of the blob.

We will look into this issue further and see if there is any other advice we can provide.

Thank you,
-Alex Grau