Using the API on M1 Macs

I have an M1 Macbook Pro on order. I see that the Sensel App runs on an M1 machine. My question is: does the API library (SenselLibMac0.8.2.pkg in the sensel-api GitHub repo) work for compiling things on an M1 Mac?


No, but I spoke to our software engineers and they will be working on making this happen.

Hello! May I ask if anyone knows any update on this? I am trying to use Sensel API on M1 Mac as well, specifically the “LibSensel”. Do I have to build from source for now? Thanks!

FYI I could not build from source because the source code for “LibSenselDecompress” does not seem to be available. If anyone knows anything, please let me know!

Over 3 months since the last update on this. Any progress? Is it possible to use the Sensel API with their X86 compatibility (Rosetta 2) stuff?


I would be very interested in this, too.

just a quick update: I managed to build the M1 version natively on my mac by

  1. installing the provided package (which installs an X86-based version of LibSenselDecompress.dylib into /usr/local/lib
  2. compile the XCode project without the SENSEL_PRESSURE flag (default setting).
  3. move the resulting libSensel.dylib from the Products/Debug folder to /usr/local/lib.

I am unsure what “The sensel-lib directory builds without forces by default.” from the README means; So far, everything seems to work with my senselosc app… but I also do not use the raw data in it (which I guess is what is meant with “forces”).

I added an issue on the github page

Hi all, I have been enjoying senselosc w/ supercollider on my Intel machine (thank you lfsaw). I would love to get the now Morph working on my M1 machine. I downloaded Xcode and flailed about in there but I am a bit lost at how to get the sensel API working on M1. What are the odds Sensel will create M1 installers now that they have retired the Morph?

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welcome @sobrilliant and nice to hear that you managed to set up Senselosc, my attempt to use sensel morph e.g. with SC3.

I am not sure what sensel is planning but, honestly, reading their FAQ I am pessimistic about a dedicated package for M1 from them that includes the `SENSEL_PRESSURE" flag… maybe @peter_sensel would like to comment on this or put an explicit statement into the FAQ?

however, as noted in my message further up, I managed to compile and use the open source part of LibSensel on my M1 machine with the steps I described above. Where exactly do you fail in the XCode compilation process?

Hi lfsaw - thanks for the quick response. It’s an " error between keyboard and chair" situation. I just don’t really know how to use Xcode. I can usually get stuff to compile on the command line with some guesswork. I did manage to open the Sensel.xcodeproj but don’t know how to compile and change the PRESSURE flag. I did hit the ‘play’ button and got some errors about “integer conversion” or something.

I can’t promise a commitment to this at this time. I am hoping that there will be resources to update the API for M1 macs in a few months.


thank you for your answer! itnis good to have at least something to quote from an “official” resource. i understand that compatibility issues are nit the nicest to work on, however my feeljng is that this would be very well received from the community you successfully built around the morph. :slight_smile:

all the best for your upcoming endeavors!