4/6/8 octaves Morph

This was already mentioned in several threads but imho deserves a separate topic.

Please consider to make a Morph that fits at least four and better six to eight octaves continuously! (4-6 times the width of a current Morph)
Morph is already totally awesome, the size is imho the only thing that is holding the Morph back - having larger variants would elevate the Morph from an instrument trial-bed to one of the top 3D expression instruments available on the market!

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Hello, thank you for reaching out and for the feedback. We have heard this request from a few users and can see the appeal of a large Morph. While it might not be practical financially, currently users can buy multiple Morphs and plug them in at the same time to offer a multi octave instrument.

Thanks for your reply!
I have several Morphs. Problem with that approach is that there is a gap of > 1 cm without sensors between Morphs. (I’ve tried several tricks to try to circumvent that (e.g. with interpolation) but in the end they turned out to have more disadvantages than just accepting the gap.)
Thus this turns out to be ok for prototyping some instrument designs but a serious restriction when practically wanting to play many (most) of them.
So a bigger Morph would really be a relevation musical instrument wise!