Are there any inexpensive art apps to use with the Art Overlay?


I just unboxed my Sensel pad. I tried out the QWERTY keyboard and it works great! I was disappointed
that I could not use my Art overlay with my iPad, but I understand. However, when I looked at the compatible computer apps, I realized that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on Corel Painter, Illustrator or Photoshop in order to use my Art overlay. I draw as an hobby.

What other less expensive applications (under $50) are compatible with the art overlay? And as I continue my own research, what information should I give to developers when I inquire about application compatibility with the Art Overlay?

I remain impressed with the attention to detail of the finished product. I also love that you are continuing the conversation directly with users. I look forward to your ideas and to getting the Media overlay when it is ready.


For a cheap (free) Photoshop clone – or as close as you can get to it: I would suggest using GIMP.
It should be able to handle the brush input the exact same as Photoshop. I’ve heard Krita is also good, but have not personally used it and can’t speak to it’s compatibility with Morph.


Thanks for the recommendations, I will give them a try.


Art Rage Lite looks like it’s pretty cool painting software for around US$30:




I’ve tried Krita on Win 7 and only get basic support using the Morph. Sensel says they support Ink APIs in their user guide; Krita (like most older Windows apps) uses WinTab. Their latest pre-alpha says it has Win 8+ Ink support, but whatever that is, it apparently isn’t what the Morph uses.

I’d love more technical details on just what the Morph supports for input APIs; whatever it is, it’s good enough to get Corel 2018 working on my system… I might be willing to put in some dev time or at least communicate with the Krita team if I knew…


FYI, the latest development GIMP does not recognize the Morph (beyond as a basic extension of the core pointer device), nor does Inkscape. (Again, Win 7 Pro)


Krita’s pre-alpha might work better on Win8+.

In the end, my “cheap solution” was to buy a fast USB stick and install Ubuntu Studio 17.10 on it. Reboot to the USB stick and you have Krita with Morph support, as well as a bunch of quality music and video studio programs that should support other overlays. There’s no Linux version of the Sensel app yet, so you have to return to Windows to configure the unit.


I have a Mac and a number of art apps.

Of the apps I own, the Morph works with Art Rage and Mischief and Pixelmator.

It, disappointedly, doesn’t currently work with Corel Painter Essentials (I have version 5, 6 is the newest) or Rebelle (an app that simulates watercolors). Both those apps don’t recognize the Morph’s pressure sensitivity at all. I had purchased both of them before I got my Morph, assuming they would work with the Morph.

I also have an older version of Corel Painter (version 12) and it doesn’t recognize the Morph’s pressure sensitivity at all either.