No Pressure Sensitivity with Corel Painter 2015 Either

I’m going to download the trial of Painter 2018 and I’ll let you all know what I find. I’m pretty disappointed at this point. I’ve got Photoshop CS5, too. and of course, that doesn’t work. There was no communication that the Morph only worked with the latest version of common software. So basically I have a $250 trackpad. Or I get to spend a huge amount of money upgrading all my software. Oh, right. I could always continue using my Wacom tablet which works perfectly with all my software.

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Just sharing some experience here, I noticed that painting modes only works with USB, not with bluetooth (as I expected).
Did you try it through USB?
(it took a while before I found this out, it is probably mentioned in the documentation somewhere…)

Yep, I saw that info somewhere, so it’s plugged in.

Thank you for your feedback. Our initial release concentrated on the most recent art software, which do not require a driver. We are exploring possible options to support older art software. As we move forward, we will be releasing software, firmware, and bluetooth updates that will add greater support and flexibility. Thank you for your patience.

Although it won’t solve your issue - I have played around with the paintbrush mode, and I find it quite different from an all digital tablet. ( I hope that it will be fixed of course so that you can try it out for yourself )

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I downloaded Corel Painter 2018 and it’s actually the most responsive so far, especially with a brush directly on the base surface. But I’m having another problem. How do I synchronize the drawing part with the screen when I’m in Pen mode? If I get too far up on the Morph, the cursor hits control buttons or menu items. Depending on the size of canvas I’m drawing on, sometimes, it draws off the bottom of image or won’t even reach the edges of it. I tried changing the size of the image as I was working and when the canvas fills the screen, it draws on whatever section is visible. But when I picked up the pencil (real physical pencil) and repositioned it on the paper, it was half the screen away, even though my pencil was in the same spot I left off on the paper. Any tips?

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And where is the cursor??? I can’t even tell where the Morph is going to make a mark until I touch it and then it’s the wrong place.

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This is not so helpful for you perhaps since you use Corel Painter - but the pen mode works perfectly in Photoshop CC 2017 as far as I can see. The pen re-appears exactly in the same spot if I lift the pen and put it back. It is quite easy to see approximately where the pen will land with a short bit of practice since the pen position on the morph maps to the screen position. Also, the setting in the sensel app determines how much force is needed to start drawing (otherwise it shows a cursor, to see where it will start drawing). ( I use the back of a paintbrush currently, directly on the art overlay )

Looking forward to these updates if they’re happening.

I’d really like to know if “We are exploring possible options to support older art software” will amount to actually developing support for older software versions (like cs6 and older painters) or if there will simply be a decision to do nothing and force these users to upgrade their art software.

For now, my sensel morph is pretty much useless to me as an art-making device and I have no plans to upgrade to CC or Painter 2018 anytime soon

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