Cannot do ANYTHING USEFUL on Windows 10

Where do I start? Took FOREVER to get Windows 10 to even recognize Morph on Bluetooth even with up-to-date app and firmware. But even when connected, Windows completely ignores the Morph. When connected by USB, I can only box-select on the Windows desktop… on the SECONDARY DISPLAY only. Device works okay in Sensel app on visualizer, but on no other software that I have. I can’t even make Paint respond to it. Apparently the Morph only works with a select few applications and I apparently don’t have any of them.

I am really disappointed in this whole package. It seemed like such a cool idea, and looks so well designed… but I cannot find anything it can do on my Windows system.

If someone has any suggestions on where I can go from here, I’d be happy to hear them. Somehow though, I get the feeling there’s no way to get a refund for a Kickstarter item.

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Hello, I am sorry hear you are experiencing issues with your Morph. Our goal is to make the Morph an easy to use product. We will continue to work on our software and firmware to make this process easier for our customers. Given that you mentioned Paint, I am guessing that you have an Art Overlay. Perhaps some of these ideas may help:

  1. Try the Painting Mode in No Overlay. In the App, go to the No Overlay and select Painting Mode. Make sure to hit the “Send Map to Morph” button after you select the mode. This will allow you to use your finger or paintbrush to paint on the Morph without an overlay. You will be limited to one screen (that is way that driverless Digitizers work on Windows) but it should give you greater sensitivity. You can also select trackpad mode if you want it to act more like a trackpad.

  2. On the Art Overlay, make sure you switch modes based on the input you are using. When you put on the Art Overlay, it defaults to Pen Mode. This means that it will only register input from a pen or stylus. If you use a finger or palm, then it will be rejected. You can change by pressing the three buttons in the top-middle of the Art Overlay. The first button is Pen Mode, the second one is Painting Mode for fingers, and Gesture Mode for trackpad interaction.

The Morph relies on HID and standard USB protocols to deliver mouse, digitizer and MIDI information. Programs like Paint should respond to drawing on the Morph when it is in Painting Mode or the Art Overlay is on and the proper input is used. However, some programs do not support Pressure, Tilt and Rotation or these features need to be enabled.

The Art Overlay is currently not supported over Bluetooth (as of 0.10). We will continue to update our Bluetooth software to support more devices. For now, it is best to use USB for painting and drawing.

If you continue to have issues, feel free to contact us at Thank you for your feedback and your patience.