Need some help with Windows issues

Can’t get Sensel morph to work on W7 and 10 . Has anyone else had any luck with this? Managed firmware update in 10 but even though this was successful and the Sensel midi driver appears in the list of drivers in Audiomulch, Ploque, Max it won’t initiate inside the applications. The W7 driver has crashed the machine at times. There’s obviously a lot of activity here so some users must be using Windows machines. I need to use W7 .

Hello, thank you for reaching out. I believe we are communicating via our email support and we will continue to update you through that thread. For anyone experiencing the Sensel Morph appearing in the list of MIDI devices, but not connecting, make sure to quit the SenselApp and any other applications that cause the white LED to remain on. With regards to Windows 7, we have not seen the crashing issue but are working on recreating the issue and improving the Windows 7 experience. Thank you for your patience.

Yesterday I tried to get the morph to work on a W10 computer. I was successful in getting the app to read the morph and was able to connect to get a firmware update. I was able to use the Visualizer which is not possible so far in W7.

I am able to send midi data from all overlays I have in W7 to Max and other applications but linking to the App does not seem to work. To click on certain buttons like Visualizer, Morph and does not send to the hardware.

I opened the app while all the other midi software was running. I tried both 64 and 32 bit versions. By the way the 64bit app wants to unzip into the 32bit Program Files86. I changed that and when it

didn’t work I tried the 32bit app and it installs in the non 86 Program Files folder.

After closing all programs and leaving Morph plugged in while putting the computer into hibernate I get the blue screen that says there’s a hardware or software issue. If I unplug morph or not use it there is no problem. It’s plugged into a USB 3 port. This has happened before.

Where do you suggest we go from here?



After crash I restarted the machine .the boot was good. I then put machine into hibernate and the famous blue screen happened. The only successful way necessitates unplugging morph on shutdown.

On reboot I moved the morph to a USB 2 port. It started to send midi as before. It seems to take a bit of time at first but does work.

On hibernate the same blue screen happened.

I can try to get to the W10 machine tomorrow and see what’s up with that situation.


Hello Eugene,

Thank you for the additional information. I will continue to follow up via our support thread. Once we have determined a solution, we will update this thread with the solution we determine. Thank you for your patience.

I am another user on Windows 7 that is having difficulty with the App crashing the Morph when flashing map. I need to reboot the PC, not just unplug/plug twice as was suggested.

Would like this fixed.

Please advise THX

Hi @Nordym, thanks for reaching out.

It sounds like you have already installed the Sensel Driver. We have seen this behavior on some Windows 7 computers. Windows 7 does not detect the power cycle of the device and so the device is never reconnected. As a result, another option to try is to go into Device Manager and disable and enable the device again. We understand this is not optimal but we have not found a better solution at this time.

What works for me most times is:

  1. With the Morph disconnected, turn the device on and wait until the Bluetooth indicator comes on.
  2. Plug in to USB on the PC. Most times it will connect.
  3. Do what you need to in the Morph app. As soon as you send anything to the Morph the USB connection will fail, but the upload should work.
  4. Unplug and repeat from #1 to reconnect.

I’m successful about 80% of the time this way. When this fails, I go to the extra step of actually completing a Bluetooth MIDI connection on my iPad in replacement of step 1. This gets me to about 95% success rate.

I hope that helps.

It does not get along with windows. I have tried it with windows 7 but it crashed all the time, the driver is not that good. I do not know about the windows 10. If windows 10 works with it then I am definitely changing to windows 10. I has enough of the trouble and I do not want any. Please some one tell me is the driver of windows 10 okay for Sensel?.

Windows 10 works. I never got 7 to work properly. The driver for 10 is third party. Odd but it does the job. I use the usb out mostly. The Bluetooth connection can be an issue at times with the pairing.

Hey Mariah. Confirming that Windows 10 is supported!

Can you please tell me where this third party driver is…? Stuck here on Win10… no midi cintroller in Ableton…