Basics: Getting startet with Sensel Morph and Python

Hallo everyone :slight_smile:
I’m new here in the forum and to coding, so here is my question:

I would like to get into the raw force values of the Morph. Therefore I need to install the API (which I did).
Now I need a programm, where I can use the Sensel-Library in. Which Python-based programm can I use?

Thank you!

I don’t know of any audio or video software that has integrated Python scripting. Ableton uses Python for its control surface scripting, but it’s not open or documented. Not recommended for the beginner. Max has some 3rd party objects for Python scripting.
For the most part, the Python API could be used to build something with other python modules. Perhaps the most straightforward project would be to use pyliblo to use python to convert the touches and forces into Open Sound Control messages that could be used in Max For Live, PureData, Logic, or any number of applications that support OSC.
You can also use Max and the sensel objects, though they aren’t as high performance as using the API directly.
The C# version of the library can be used in Unity, if you are familiar with that.

Here’s a repository of Max examples, if you are curious: GitHub - sensel/C74-Max-Examples: Examples for using the sensel object in Cycling 74 Max

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