Bluetooth and other stylus compatibility

Hi everyone,
i just receveid my Sensel and i have a question.
Is it possible to use a bluetooth stylus or something similar with the art overlay or No overlay ? Because I would like to see the pointer on the screen while i move the stylus near the sensel.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We are currently not aware of a wireless stylus that can be used with the Sensel Morph.

Hi, thank you for your asnwer. Do you think in the future will possible to have some compatible stylus ?

Or it is possible to set a button to indicate if i want to draw or simple move the cursor instead that using the pressure?

Using the Sensel App, you can set the click activation threshold to be very high and set one of the buttons on the Art Overlay to value 223 (Click). Make sure to click “Send Map to Morph” when ready to use. When you press the button, it should click and press down. It should remain in hover mode until you click the button unless you press very hard. I cannot comment on any plans for Sensel but thank you again for the feedback.

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