Questions about updating beta driver for Art Overlay

Hi. I have a few questions about the Morph’s driver now that I’ve installed the beta driver.

I enrolled in the beta program back in March. I installed the beta driver on my Morph when I received my stylus.

I haven’t used the Morph since testing out the stylus in March, but I have some questions:

If I have the Morph app look for updates to the driver, will it see updates to the beta or only the regular driver? Should I be updating the Morph through the app now or is there another way to have it update the beta?

I’ve emailed these questions to Sensel support, but sometimes I don’t hear back from them so I thought I’d post here too.


Hello, I responded to your question over Sensel support last week, but I wanted to let everyone else know that everyone in the Beta should feel free to go to and update to the latest version. We will be sending an email to everyone in the Beta soon. Thank you.