Bluetooth MIDI on iOS (Funk Box)

I was chasing down a complaint about Funk Box and bluetooth MIDI. These lessons probably apply to any iOS music app and Bluetooth MIDI.

Because I often end up in a situation with the Morph paired to different iOS devices (Macbook, iPhone, iPad), I have found that iOS sometimes needs to forget everything before it works.

First, I’ll forget it as a Bluetooth MIDI device in an app, for example, Funk Box. Swipe left on the Bluetooth MIDI device to get the Forget button:

Then I’ll “forget device” in iOS Settings by clicking on the “i” and forgetting the Morph:

Now, I’ll double click the button on the Morph and wait for the LED to turn blue again.

As a bonus, I’ll detail how to connect to Funk Box Bluetooth MIDI here, since it’s kind of crammed into a screen, that’s shoehorned into another screen, that’s wedged into another screen.

Click the “BOX” button on the bottom right of the screen, then click on the “SETTINGS” button:

This opens the first settings screen, where you can make sure MIDI is on (top left!), then click the “ROUTING” panel:

Scroll down, way down, in the Routings panel until you reach the Bluetooth MIDI Devices pane. (if you see your Morph greyed out here, then you’ll need to make sure you are connected in the iOS Settings/Bluetooth panel):

Tap the Morph name to connect, then close out the Settings panel and start getting Funky in the Box!