Clamshell "frame case" / battery for clamping overlays on

Idea for a “case” that can clamp down on just the edges or “border” of the Morph to keep the given overlay on ever-more sturdily, but then there’s nice hand-grippy ergonomic depth/handles to each underside (kind of like what manufacturers of cases for Nintendo Switch Lites DO, such as the Ozley ones, but there’s also some that are more like handles on each side without much backing material), and then inside the handles there could be rechargeable battery components, and then for multiple reasons there would be a USB-C “extender” that, if engineering would allow, would charge the Morph while in wireless Bluetooth mode, but still have an equivalent USB-C port on the outside of this “frame case” to allow the same connectivity and functionality as before, with the 2-way MIDI, charging and all that.

The idea here is to make the Morph more of a hand-held, more of a performance controller, less of a “slippy rubber mat table” and also more of an ergonomic handful. A tactile experience with some weight and heft to it, and as mentioned, some sturdiness.

The Morph excels in that it allows for so much modular workflow adaptation, but is partially wasting its Bluetooth/wireless potential by not having a “mode” where it feels like a Thing, an Item, an Object

bonus points for gyrometer/motion control functionality added by the case, for XYZ MIDI control, VR DAW control, VR in general control, VR game control with the Game Overlay (probably your most useless overlay, until now!) and etc. Though I doubt that’s possible without requiring an additional Bluetooth connectivity to any given device.

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Thanks @Sunkeeper. This is a really cool concept!

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