Overlay: feature design request

I posted a similar comment but in the wrong topic area and would like to elaborate.

I’ve been searching for an MPE controller and am very intrigued by the Morph but unfortunately am not particularly drawn to any of the overlays. The Buchla Thunder looks great and I would certainly consider it as a complimentary overlay, but not as my go to one.

When looking at the available designs the one the comes closest to my needs would be the Music Production Overlay, but still falls short.

That users can create their own overlays is certainly a fascinating feature but obviously an involved project with many hurdles, the 3D printing being a significant one. I use Linux exclusively so right there I am not even in the race unless I can get it working in WINE, but I digress…

I’ve read a few of the discussions here and there is a significant amount of attempts at imitating and/or copying the LinnStrument.

The Morph and the LinnStrument are two different instruments and I don’t think one should try to be the other. Each has its strengths and in life nuances are important, but at the same time music is music. It’s linear and it has notes. Having one to two octaves as a musical range is significantly limiting. The electronic aspect is the hardware which is unbelievably amazing, but it looks like the design is too focused on the future without taking consideration where all this is rooted as least as far as the music department is concerned.

I think this a great instrument with immense potential, but as a musician I am hesitant to give it 5 stars… yet.

As I see it the Music Production Overlay has the parts I need but not the required assembly.

I would like to ask…

Can individual buttons, sliders and pads be purchased? If not, would it be possible for Sensel to create an overlay to spec?

The following overlay design would be what I am interested in:



Hello, thank you for your comments and feedback. I responded to your other thread but I wanted to answer here as well. We do not sell individual components and are not offering 3d printing services. Some customers have used tape, felt, silicon, and other materials to mimic the shapes before investing in 3d printing. We understand your use case though and will discuss it further internally.

As for the other points, we will be updating the Linux app in the near future and you can always attach 1 or more additional morphs to get a wider playing area.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

If that overlay design I presented was available I’d order a Morph today.

From a guitarist perspective it could provide multiple tunings. In 4ths, like a bass, 5ths like a violin or cello, it could be a guitar with top down A-D-G-B-E and the pads could be the E string either chromatic or a scale. It kind of becomes a retunable electric mini lute with this physical set up. It could be set to a variety of open tunings. Even with quarter tones it can provide more than 2 full octaves.

I hope your team will consider, and subsequently build and market this design. Let me know if you do. I’ll order one immediately.


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