Contact minimum distance


I’m playing around with the Sensel API in Visual Studio C#.
I’ve been successfull reading the contacts and creating a simple visualizer.
But I’ve run into a problem. When having two small contact areas (two pen tips) and moving them close to each other, they will merge and read as one contact. In my case this happens when the two contacts are less than one cm from each others.

I wonder, can I change the minimum distance where the contact merges? Because I need to read small contacts close to each other.

In case that is impossible, would it be possible to ignore contacts in certain areas and thereby avoiding two contacts merging? For example, two small contacts are close to each other but one of them is in an inactivated area, so the other one can move close without merging.

Thanks in advance!


Ok found a possible solution, set senselSetContactsEnableBlobMerge to false.
But how do I access that variable?

The C# sensel class doesn’t have it, but the C++ version supports it.
I’m using C# so what do I do? / sensel/sensel-api/blob/master/sensel-lib-wrappers/sensel-lib-cs/Sensel.cs / sensel/sensel-api/blob/master/sensel-lib/src/sensel.c


Thank you for contacting us. What you likely want is to set SetScanDetail to SCAN_DETAIL_HIGH. This allows for finer details to be seen in the force image and allows for contacts to get closer to each other. EnableBlobMerge may also help, but I would recommend trying SetScanDetail first. We will be porting over more functions, like EnableBlobMerge to C# in the future.

Thank you Alex, I will try that immediately and see if it solves my problem! Sounds promising though!

When will you port the rest of the functions?


I’ve tested now! SCAN_DETAIL_HIGH made an improvement, I can now be as close as 5mm minimum rather than 8mm minimum. But I need to go even closer, so I believe I need that EnableBlobMerge function…