The Morph's weak point: contact discontinuities


There is an issue which has been reducing the Morph’s potential from day one. That is, quite often, a touch is considered to be terminated and a new one is created even if a finger has remained in contact with the surface all the time. So, it means an event is terminated and a new one is created, which is not an insignificant issue, quite the contrary. This is so much annoying for my purposes (musical creation) that I have been using the Morph with a single touch only so far, to ensure continuity of at least one touch.

However now I would like to use it with its full potential so I would like this issue to be addressed. I think it could be solved in the firmware by keeping a list of recent contacts and merge old and new contacts if both the time interval and the distance between them are very short.

I would like to know if solving this issue is on the to-do list of Sensel development team or if I’ll have to deal with it myself and probably loose a lot of time on the issue as a non-professional programmer.

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Hello, thank you for contacting us. The contact should keep its ID as long as your finger is detected by the Morph. Its position in the contact array may change, but the ID should always remain the same. However, if the Morph does not detect the contact for a while and a new one appears, then a new id is given because it could either be the same contact or a new contact. If you are using the ID and are experiencing a different issue, please contact us at

The point is that it doesn’t in a totally reliable fashion. If the contact surface becomes very small for a short time for instance, or if a contact goes too close to the edges, discontinuities happen.

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