Developer's Cable Alternatives

I am a HW developer in Japan.
Authorized resellers in Japan are instrument dealers and therefore do not handle developer cables.

Can I make a substitute for the Developer’s Cable with a commercial product or my own work?
(Even if it requires soldering, breadboarding circuits, ordering SMD boards, etc.)

I’m pretty sure that the dev cable adapter could be easily made. Sensel has not been any help in disclosing the requirements of said adapter. However from last I looked, it’s just 4x diodes, 1 resistor, and one capacitor - all SMD. All or part of that switches micro USB interface to switch it into its UART mode.

My suspicion is that the resistor is on the ID pin to switch the mode, the diodes are for voltage clamping, or current direction protection, and the capacitor is just for smoothing something… but this is all just a guess.

I’d almost wager a guess that an “unprotected version” of the adapter would just be a resistor from ID to ground, with the correct size.

This page has an almost good enough view of the adapter, in case you haven’t seen it before