Serial adapter specs?



As the serial adapter shipped with the Innovator’s overlay seems a bit fragile, I want to buy an additional adapter. However I don’t want to buy a second Innovator’s overlay just for that because first I never use the overlay itself and second the taxes in Europe make the price really high for such a tiny thing.

So, my question is: could I use a third party adapter instead? In this case, which kind of adapter?

There are simple micro USB breakouts board such as this one from Sparkfun.

Otherwise there are USB to serial converters, most with FTDI adapters, to connect with a male to male adapter between the Morph and the converter.

Thank you for helping.


Hello, thank you for reaching out.

You can buy the serial adapter separately here at

As for other breakout boards, I am not sure whether it will work and would not recommend it.

I am not aware of any issues with the serial adapter durability but you could always use some heat shrink tubing and a heat gun (or blow dryer) to make the adapter more solid.

I hope this helps,