Feature request: extra dimensions for MPE

I’d really like to be able to use area and blob angle as parameters when creating overlays - I’ve been using them in max patches, and it adds great expressivity!


Hello, thanks for contacting us. Thats a cool idea. We will look into this further and add it to our internal list of feature requests. For your use case, you would want it mapped to CC values, pitchbend or aftertouch, correct?

Nice! What attributes of the output do you control with the area and blob angle?


I had this hooked up to a granular synthesis engine (and a concatenative one) through the Max external, and its been really useful to have the extra control - I was doing things like pressure=volume, x = position, y = grain rate, angle = cutoff and area = fill.

Works OK through the Max external, but using it as a straight Midi device would make it easier to integrate and allow e.g. sliders round the sides.

Here’s a demo using CataRT concatenative synthesis: https://vimeo.com/259067026

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Love it!