Overlay Design: Multipad

I did many overlays and I made an important observation. Correct pitch bend works only for 12 or 24 horizontal MPE notes. And I can’t create more than 48 pads.
So this is Multipad. Upper part is MPE (Channels 1-9) and lower part contain 5 XYZ pads (Channels 10-14)
All controllers for pads has different numbers for easy separating inside Max. You can change it to modwhell, pitchbend and aftertouch for direct connect to Live. However Live require several tracks for MPE.
Logic accept MPE, but direct connection not work correctly for me. So I made Max patch and send reassigned controllers on two virtual midi bus.
live performance

24 5.senselmap (4.3 KB)


Algorythmic Accompanement
jam with computer
Sensel controlled chords
Same overlay


This is incredible, Vasico! Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you for interest of my crazy project. I call it “sequenceDifferent”, #1505 on Cycling74.com
It was very old idea - create music from nothing. It.'s possible now, thanks Sensel and others.
Just imagine completely new interface, forget traditional layouts. New era of musical interfaces is coming. Buchla Thunder Overlay looks like candidate #1 in category “21st century music interface”

The secret of acoustic sound is a plugins from A.A.S - Chromaphone and String Studio and Modelonia from Nusofting. All of them are physical models with animated parameters.
MPE solo - AAlto from Madrona labs.

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Thanks so much for sharing more info about this! Agreed on the AAS plugins - they all sound stellar, and personally I quite miss Tassman! Have you checked out any of our Buchla Thunder Overlay videos yet?