Function senselSetScanMode()


Dear Sensel Team,
I am trying to understand the function senselSetScanMode() associated to the SenselScanMode structure. But i didn’t found any description. Can you please help ?
Kind regards


Hello, thank you for contacting us. senselSetScanMode changes whether frames are sent from the device synchronously or asynchronously. By default they are sent synchronously and I would recommend keeping it in that mode for most applications.

You can learn more about our API at the following links


Hi Alex - can you describe what the difference is between the synchronous and asynchronous modes? (assume that someone knows what those 2 words mean in other contexts) Or, said another way, what kind of applications would want to use asynchronous mode?



Hi Tim, sorry for the delay. Synchronous means that the API requests frames from the Morph. Asynchronous means that the Morph will send frames to the API whenever they are available. We generally run synchronous because it makes communication clearer (don’t have to wait for frames to read/write registers) and requires more buffer control.