Functions missing from Python Wrapper



I am new here, so I might be missing something. But I notice that some of the functions available in the Sensel library are not available through the python library wrapper. i.e. SetBufferControl or senselSetScanMode.

Is there a reason for this?



I am new here. I have posted two questions so far (and have a few more). And no one has responded. I can’t believe I am the only person developing for Sensel on python. Why don’t I get any answers?

I there a better way to get support?


Hello, sorry for the delay. If you ever need faster support from Sensel, please contact us at No, there is no reason why those functions can not be added to the Python wrapper. We will be continuing to expand the API in the future and ensure that all languages have access to the same functions. However, since the code is open source, anyone can add these functions to the wrapper if needed before we release an update.